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Volkswagen Crafter lease 2.0 TDI 140PS Startline High Roof Van

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Initial Rental:
£3,150.78 ex. VAT3,780.94 inc. VAT

4 year lease
10,000 annual mileage
ex. VAT
inc. VAT
I understand I will be responsible for the maintenance and servicing costs of my vehicle

Customise Your Deal

Paint - Metallic

Metallic - Indium grey+ £27.62 p/m
Metallic - Reflex silver+ £27.62 p/m

Paint - Pearlescent

Pearl - Deep black+ £29.77 p/m

Paint - Solid

Solid - Bright orange+ £0.00 p/m
Solid - Candy white+ £0.00 p/m
Solid - Cherry red+ £0.00 p/m
Solid - Deep ocean+ £0.00 p/m
Solid - Ontario green+ £0.00 p/m

Paint - Special

Customised paint 1 - Danish blue+ £13.58 p/m
Customised paint 1 - Gray white+ £13.58 p/m
Customised paint 1 - Indian blue+ £13.58 p/m
Customised paint 1 - Lime+ £13.58 p/m
Customised paint 1 - Sunny yellow+ £13.58 p/m
Customised paint 1 - Tornado red+ £13.58 p/m
Customised paint 2 - Black+ £13.58 p/m
Customised paint 2 - British gas blue+ £13.58 p/m
Customised paint 2 - Chrome yellow+ £13.58 p/m
Customised paint 2 - Flame red+ £13.58 p/m
Customised paint 2 - Flanel gray+ £13.58 p/m
Customised paint 2 - Frisian green+ £13.58 p/m
Customised paint 2 - Ivory+ £13.58 p/m
Customised paint 2 - Leaf green+ £13.58 p/m
Customised paint 2 - Paprika red+ £13.58 p/m
Customised paint 2 - Pure white+ £13.58 p/m
Customised paint 2 - Rape yellow+ £13.58 p/m
Customised paint 2 - Sapphire blue+ £13.58 p/m
Customised paint 2 - Traffic white+ £13.58 p/m
Customised paint 3 - Broom yellow+ £18.00 p/m
Customised paint 3 - Deep orange+ £18.00 p/m
Customised paint 3 - Light ivory+ £18.00 p/m
Customised paint 3 - Shell yellow+ £18.00 p/m
Customised paint 3 - Sulfur yellow+ £18.00 p/m
Customised paint 3 - Yellow+ £18.00 p/m
Customised paint 4 - AA Yellow+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Black grey+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Blue+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Coke red+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Colza Yellow R1021+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Dark green+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Escorial green+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Flash red+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Gentian blue+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Golden yellow+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Inca yellow+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - India blue+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Industrial green+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Light blue+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Light gray+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Light grey 9704+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Medium blue+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Mint green+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Moss green+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Opal green+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Orange 9205+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Orange 9209+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Peppermint green+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Pure grey+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Signal blue+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Signal Yellow R1003+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Silver grey+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Sky blue+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Traffic red+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Traffic yellow+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Turquoise blue+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Ultramarine blue+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - UPS brown+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Vermilion+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Yellow+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 4 - Yellow green+ £22.08 p/m
Customised paint 6 - Zinc yellow+ £28.30 p/m
Customised paint 5 - Murphy green+ £28.42 p/m
Customised paint 5 - Steel blue+ £28.42 p/m
Pensive Character

Looking for a different colour?

Looking for a different colour to match your business scheme or your signage background?
If your ideal colour is not listed, please proceed with your enquiry and our team will help ensure you get the right van with the right colour.

Body Glass

Windscreen wiper with variable intermittent delay and wash-wipe system+ £0.00 p/m
Heated windscreen washer nozzles+ £1.02 p/m
Side window - fixed in passenger compartment centre driver side+ £3.40 p/m
Side window - fixed in passenger compartment centre passenger side+ £3.40 p/m
Side window - fixed in passenger compartment front driver side+ £3.40 p/m
Side window - fixed in passenger compartment front passenger side+ £3.40 p/m
Side window - fixed in passenger compartment rear driver side+ £3.40 p/m
Side window - fixed in passenger compartment rear passenger side+ £3.40 p/m
Side window - Sliding in passenger compartment front driver side+ £7.81 p/m
Side window - Sliding in passenger compartment front passenger side+ £7.81 p/m
Rear wash-wipe including rear wing doors with windows+ £9.06 p/m


EDL+ £0.00 p/m


Full steel bulkhead without window+ £0.00 p/m
Bulkhead - Full height with lining without window+ £4.98 p/m


Suspension and shock absorbers, uprated heavy duty stabilisers+ £4.08 p/m
Heavy duty front axle+ £5.77 p/m
Reinforced suspension and shock absorbers, uprated heavy duty stabilisers+ £6.68 p/m


180 degree rear wing doors+ £0.00 p/m
Passenger side manual side sliding door+ £0.00 p/m
Rear wing doors without windows+ £0.00 p/m
Reinforced driver door hinges+ £1.36 p/m
Without passenger side sliding door including manual side sliding door driver side with interlock+ £1.36 p/m
Manual sliding door passenger side with increased gap and latching position+ £1.81 p/m
Rear wing doors with windows+ £3.28 p/m
Rear wing doors with 270 degree hinges+ £6.34 p/m
Rear wing doors with heated rear windows+ £6.79 p/m
Driver's side sliding door+ £14.04 p/m

Driver Aids

Front assist including city emergency braking+ £0.00 p/m
Cruise control with speed limiter+ £5.77 p/m
Adaptive cruise control+ £21.96 p/m

Driver Convenience

Front and rear parking sensors+ £13.13 p/m

Driver Information

Dynamic road sign display+ £6.34 p/m
Tyre pressure warning light+ £7.81 p/m
Smart digital tachograph preparation+ £8.15 p/m
Smart digital tachograph+ £15.06 p/m

Driving Mirrors

Manually adjustable door mirrors+ £0.00 p/m
Electrically heated and adjustable door mirrors+ £2.49 p/m
Heated, power adjustable and folding wing mirrors+ £6.57 p/m


AGM battery - 92 Ah, 520 A starter battery+ £1.02 p/m
95Ah - AGM battery 520A+ £2.26 p/m
95Ah - AGM battery 520A and stronger generator 250A+ £7.02 p/m
Second AGM battery with cut off relay 92Ah 520A+ £7.70 p/m
Second battery with cut off relay 95Ah 450A+ £7.70 p/m
Second AGM battery with cut off relay and battery monitoring 92Ah 520A+ £8.83 p/m
Second battery with cut-off relay and battery monitoring 95Ah 450A+ £8.83 p/m


Engine start with remote start feature+ £0.79 p/m
Engine speed limiter 62mph+ £2.38 p/m
Speed limiter 74mph+ £2.38 p/m
DPF regeneration switch+ £4.87 p/m


Composition audio with 5" touchscreen, USB and mobile phone interface+ £0.00 p/m
Digital radio (DAB)+ £0.00 p/m
Composition media with 6.5", DAB, 4 speaker, multifun display plus, USB-C, mob interface, app con, integrated e-sim with ecall, "We connect function"+ £11.66 p/m
Discover Media nav with 8" touchscreen, USB, 4 speakers,multifunction display plus, mobile phone interface, App-Connect and We Connect prep+ £25.81 p/m
Discover Media nav streaming and Internet, 8" touchscreen, USB,4 speakers,multifun display plus, mobile interface, App Connect and We Connect prep+ £33.96 p/m

Exterior Body Features

Illuminated steps with on/off control+ £1.25 p/m
Mud flaps front and rear+ £2.38 p/m
Full width rear step in rear bumper including Side marker lamps+ £5.09 p/m
Roof rails for roof rack+ £6.34 p/m
3 moveable roof racks on the roof rail+ £8.15 p/m
Half width rear step in rear bumper including Side marker lamps (with Towbar - preparation)+ £16.75 p/m
Half width rear step in rear bumper including Side marker lamps (with fixed towbar)+ £19.36 p/m

Exterior Lights

Halogen main headlights with range control and daytime running function+ £0.00 p/m
Preparation for rotating emergency light+ £0.91 p/m
Side marker lights+ £1.92 p/m
High level rear indicator+ £3.17 p/m
LED headlights with chrome strip and LED daytime running lights+ £22.64 p/m


Programmable air parking heater, with radio remote control+ £32.04 p/m
2nd heater core and 2nd evaporator+ £34.98 p/m
Climatic air conditioning+ £35.43 p/m

Interior Features

Austin cloth upholstery+ £0.00 p/m
Grab handle on B pillar+ £0.00 p/m
Overhead storage+ £0.00 p/m
Rubber floor covering+ £0.00 p/m
Without floor covering in load/passenger compartment+ £0.00 p/m
Memphis cloth upholstery+ £0.57 p/m
Grab handles on rear entry pillars+ £0.68 p/m
All weather rubber mats+ £1.25 p/m
Mesh leatherette upholstery+ £1.25 p/m
12V outlets in load compartment (one at the C-pillar and one at the D-pillar)+ £1.36 p/m
Retractable hand brake lever+ £1.36 p/m
Terminal block+ £1.81 p/m
Robust cloth upholstery+ £3.06 p/m
Overhead storage compartment with two 1-DIN slot and reading light+ £3.17 p/m
Overhead storage compartment on headliner+ £3.40 p/m
Forced CFCU+ £7.13 p/m
CFCU basic with terminal block with body builder coding+ £8.83 p/m
CFCU MAX with terminal block and body builder coding+ £9.40 p/m
Forced CFCU and telematics preparation+ £12.79 p/m
CFCU basic with terminal block and telematics preparation with body builder coding+ £14.15 p/m
Roof lining - in cab and load/passenger compartment, a moulded fibrous fleece interior roof lining+ £14.15 p/m
CFCU MAX with terminal block and telematics preparation with body builder coding+ £15.17 p/m

Interior Lights

LED lights in load compartment (4 lights)+ £5.21 p/m

Load Area

Load lashing rings+ £0.00 p/m
Load floor - wooden cover+ £10.19 p/m
Load side lining - plywood full height+ £12.79 p/m


Lights and Vision pack A - Crafter+ £5.43 p/m
Lights and Vision pack B - Crafter+ £8.26 p/m


Power take off at transmission without lock and flange+ £20.83 p/m


Drivers airbag+ £0.00 p/m
Driver and front passenger airbag with front passenger airbag deactivation+ £4.75 p/m
Acoustic warning when reverse gear is engaged with deactivation+ £6.23 p/m
Run lock+ £12.79 p/m
Side and curtain airbags for driver+ £18.23 p/m
Side airbag and curtain airbags for driver and front passenger+ £21.40 p/m


Without passenger seat+ £-4.75 p/m
Basic single passenger seat+ £-3.85 p/m
Without passenger seat but with low seat substructure+ £-3.74 p/m
Comfort single passenger seat+ £-2.38 p/m
Basic single drivers seat+ £0.00 p/m
Dual passenger seat in cab with integrated storage compartment+ £0.00 p/m
Swivelling passenger seat+ £0.34 p/m
Comfort single driver seat with longitudinal seat adjust, height adjust backrest, 2 way lumbar support, seat cushion angle and single armrest+ £4.64 p/m
Heated driver and front passenger seat+ £7.81 p/m
Swivelling driver seat+ £9.28 p/m


2 remote control folding keys+ £0.00 p/m
Remote central/dead locking+ £0.00 p/m
Locking wheel bolts+ £0.57 p/m
4 remote control folding keys+ £1.70 p/m
Anti-theft alarm with interior monitor, back up horn and tow away protect, overhead storage with two 1-DIN, reading light, SAFELOCK with 2 remote keys+ £15.85 p/m


Towing eye one in the front and rear+ £0.68 p/m
Towbar preparation with socket+ £4.87 p/m
Towbar preparation with bracket, socket and cable+ £11.66 p/m
Fixed towbar+ £14.15 p/m
Towbar ball and pin coupling+ £16.19 p/m
Towbar removable ball with 13-pin socket+ £17.43 p/m


Differential lock+ £13.70 p/m

Trim - Cloth

Austin cloth - Titanium black with upper and lower dashboard in titanium black/palladium and pearl grey floor covering+ £0.00 p/m
Memphis cloth - Titanium black with upper and lower dashboard in titanium black/palladium and pearl grey floor covering+ £0.57 p/m
Robust cloth - Palladium/Titanium black with upper and lower dashboard in titanium black/palladium and pearl grey floor covering+ £3.06 p/m

Trim - Leather

Mesh Leatherette - Palladium/Titanium black with upper and lower dashboard in titanium black/palladium and pearl grey floor covering+ £1.25 p/m


16" steel wheels+ £0.00 p/m
Low rolling resistance tyres - 205/75 R16 C113/111+ £0.00 p/m
Wheel trims+ £1.70 p/m
All weather tyres+ £4.53 p/m

Wheels - Alloys

17" Lismore alloy wheel+ £28.19 p/m
Alloy wheel 17" (6.5J x 17) PR7+ £30.34 p/m

Wheels - Spare

Full size steel spare wheel+ £0.00 p/m
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Add extra fun and features to your van!

You can make your van extra special by choosing to add additional extras to it. Once you make your enquiry, a member of the team will go through the extras with you and make sure you get the exact van you want.

Body Glass

2 speed windscreen wipers/intermittent wash
Electric windows
Windscreen wiper with variable intermittent delay and wash-wipe system


Automatic post collision braking system
Parking brake - hill hold control
Post collision braking system

Driver Aids

Front assist including city emergency braking

Driver Convenience

Driver alert system
Headlight range control
Locking fuel cap

Driver Information

Digital clock
Lights on warning buzzer
Multi-function Display
Multi-function Display
Rev counter
Seatbelt warning indicator
Service indicator


75 litre fuel tank
75 litre fuel tank


4 speakers
Composition audio with 5" touchscreen, USB and mobile phone interface
Composition colour radio with 5" touchscreen
iPod/USB connection

Exterior Body Features

Integral step in front bumper

Exterior Lights

Driver seatbelt warning light
Indicators in front door mirrors


Air recirculation system
Charcoal filter

Interior Features

2 12V sockets in cab
Centre console storage tray
CFCU preparation
Document holder on centre console
Drinks holders
Electromechanical Servotronic steering
Grab handle on B pillar
Height and reach adjustable steering wheel
Illuminated glove compartment with lockable lid
Illuminated glovebox with lid
Storage compartments in doors and in step, right
Storage tray on dashboard
Two 12V outlets in the cab (in the dashboard)

Interior Lights

Interior light, including 2 reading lights
Interior light, switchable by door

Load Area

Without rear side trim panel passenger load compartment


3 point inertia reel belt on all seats
Automatic hazard light with emergency braking
Crosswind assist
Height adjustable seatbelts for outer cab seats


Fully adjustable suspension type driver seat
Height adjustable head restraints


1 rigid key
2 additional keys
Engine immobiliser
Remote central/dead locking


16" steel wheels
Confused character

Can't find the exact feature you were looking for?

Sometimes going through all the equipment list can be challenging. Don't worry though! Simply make an enquiry with this van and one of our van experts will be in touch to chat through the finer details, ensuring you get the exact van you want.

Emissions - ICE

Noise Level dB(A)N
Standard Euro EmissionsEURO 6
WLTP - CO2 (g/km) - Comb246
WLTP - CO2 (g/km) - Comb - TEH288
WLTP - CO2 (g/km) - Comb - TEL246

Engine and Drive Train

Automatic TransmissionNo
Catalytic ConvertorYes
Cooling SystemWATER
Cylinder LayoutIN-LINE
Engine LayoutNORTH SOUTH
Engine MakeN
Fuel DeliveryCOMMON RAIL
Gears6 SPEED
Manual TransmissionYes
Valve gearSOHC

Fuel Consumption - ICE

EC Combined33.2
EC Extra Urban35.3
EC Urban30.4
WLTP - FC (l/100km) - Comb9.4
WLTP - FC (l/100km) - Comb - TEH11
WLTP - FC (l/100km) - Comb - TEL9.4
WLTP - FC (l/100km) - Extra High10.9
WLTP - FC (l/100km) - High8.1
WLTP - FC (l/100km) - Low9.6
WLTP - FC (l/100km) - Medium8.6
WLTP - MPG - Comb30.1
WLTP - MPG - Comb - TEH25.7
WLTP - MPG - Comb - TEL30.1
WLTP - MPG - Extra High25.9
WLTP - MPG - High34.9
WLTP - MPG - Low29.4
WLTP - MPG - Medium32.8


Alternative Fuel QualifyingNo
Alternator Amps110
Badge Engine CC2.0
Badge Power140
Based On IDN
Battery AH72
Battery Volts12
Chassis Engine NumberN
Coin DescriptionN
Coin Gross Vehicle Weight CodeN
Coin Power Output CodeN
Coin SeriesN
Coin Wheelbase Description CodeN
Coin Wheelbase Name CodeN
Did at least one aspect of this vehicles safety give cause for concern?No
Front SuspensionLEAF SPRINGS
Generation Mark2
Ghost model for valuation purposesNo
Manufacturers Corrosion Perforation Guarantee - Years12
Manufacturers Paintwork Guarantee - Years3
NCAP Adult Occupant Protection %N
NCAP Child Occupant Protection %N
NCAP Overall Rating - Effective February 09N
NCAP Overall Rating - LCVSilver
NCAP Pedestrian Protection %N
NCAP Safety Assist %44
Rear BrakesDISCS
Running Cost League HeadingsN
Service Interval Frequency - Months12
Service Interval Mileage12000
Special EditionNo
Special OrderNo
Standard manufacturers warranty - Mileage999999
Standard manufacturers warranty - Years3
Vehicle Homologation ClassN1
Vin/Frame No.N


0 to 60N
0 to 62N
Engine Power KW103
Engine Power RPM350
Engine Torque LBS.FT251
Engine Torque MKG34.7
Engine Torque NM340
Engine Torque RPM1600
Top Speed96

Test Cycles

Emissions Test CycleWLTP
RDE Certification LevelRDE 2


Automatic ClutchNo
Plated 3rd AxleN
Plated 4th AxleN
Space Saver?No
Tyre MakeN
Tyre Size Front205/75 R16C
Tyre Size Rear205/75 R16C
Tyre Size SpareFULL SIZE
Wheel StyleN
Wheel Type16" STEEL

Vehicle Dimensions

Front Overhang1000
Height (including roof rails)N
Load Deck Height570
Load Height1961
Load Length3450
Load Space Width Between Wheel Arches1380
Load Width1832
Lower Rear Door Width1552
Rear Door Height1840
Rear Overhang1346
Side Load Door Height1822
Side Load Door Width1311
Turning Circle - Kerb to KerbN
Turning Circle - Wall to Wall16.2
Width (excluding mirrors)2040
Width (including mirrors)2427

Weight and Capacities

Boot Capacity SaloonsN
Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres)75
Gross Train Weight6000
Gross Vehicle Weight3500
Load Space Volume11.3
Luggage Capacity (Seats Down)N
Luggage Capacity (Seats Up)N
Luggage Capacity - 2nd Row Seats RemovedN
Luggage Capacity - 2nd Row Seats UpN
Luggage Capacity - 3rd Row Seats DownN
Luggage Capacity - 3rd Row Seats RemovedN
Luggage Capacity - 3rd Row Seats UpN
Max. Towing Weight - Braked3000
Max. Towing Weight - Unbraked750
Minimum Kerbweight2300
No. of Seats3
Plated 2nd Axle2100
Plated Front Axle1800
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Confused by which van is which?

Important: Vehicle information to be used for guidance only and is subject to change.

These technical specifications can be quite challenging, don't worry though! Simply make an enquiry with this van and one of our van experts will be in touch to chat through your van choice, ensuring you get the exact van you want.

Maintenance is a great way to pay monthly for your van's servicing (which you need to do), along with some great bonus features to make your life easier.

If you choose not to include maintenance, you as the driver will be responsible for the regular servicing of your van.

By choosing maintenance, you get to spread the costs of this service over the year and you get the following fantastic extra benefits:

Key Maintenance Benefits

  • Your vehicle collected from and returned to you
  • Premium branded tyres replaced and fitted
  • Repairs on wear and tear items (bulbs, batteries, exhausts, cam belts, wiper blades, alternators & starter motors)
  • Your van returned like new with a wash and vac
  • MOT tests are also covered
  • Courtesy vehicle upon request
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Worry Free Servicing plus more!

Taking away the hassle of running a van. We do everything for you, from picking your van up at your door, fixing its problems and then delivering it home safe and sound without you having to make any effort.

This deal's key features

Wheelbase: 3640 mm
Load Length: 3450 mm
Load Height: 1961 mm
Payload: 1200 kg
  • VOLKSWAGEN CRAFTER CR35 MWB DIESEL 4MOTION 2.0 TDI 140PS Startline High Roof Van view 1
  • VOLKSWAGEN CRAFTER CR35 MWB DIESEL 4MOTION 2.0 TDI 140PS Startline High Roof Van view 2
  • VOLKSWAGEN CRAFTER CR35 MWB DIESEL 4MOTION 2.0 TDI 140PS Startline High Roof Van view 3
  • VOLKSWAGEN CRAFTER CR35 MWB DIESEL 4MOTION 2.0 TDI 140PS Startline High Roof Van view 4
  • VOLKSWAGEN CRAFTER CR35 MWB DIESEL 4MOTION 2.0 TDI 140PS Startline High Roof Van view 6
  • volkswagen crafter cr35 mwb diesel 4motion 2.0 tdi 140ps startline high roof van 2018 front three quarter

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