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4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot

Iveco Daily lease 3.0 Crew Cab Chassis 3750 WB Hi-Matic

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Initial Rental:
£3,849.48 ex. VAT4,619.38 inc. VAT

4 year lease
10,000 annual mileage
ex. VAT
inc. VAT
I understand I will be responsible for the maintenance and servicing costs of my vehicle

Customise Your Deal

Paint - Metallic

Metallic - All black+ £26.60 p/m
Metallic - Boreal blue+ £26.60 p/m
Metallic - Brilliant grey+ £26.60 p/m
Metallic - Eco green+ £26.60 p/m
Metallic - Instinct blue+ £26.60 p/m
Metallic - Platinum grey+ £26.60 p/m
Metallic - Red+ £26.60 p/m
Metallic - Stone grey+ £26.60 p/m
Metallic - ULM grey+ £26.60 p/m

Paint - Solid

Solid - Adventure orange+ £0.00 p/m
Solid - Maranello red+ £0.00 p/m
Solid - Pegaso blue+ £0.00 p/m
Solid - Polar white+ £0.00 p/m
Solid - Professional Grey+ £0.00 p/m
Solid - Back to black+ £8.49 p/m
Solid - Sun yellow+ £8.49 p/m

Paint - Special

Special solid - Ice white+ £26.60 p/m
Special solid - Light blue+ £26.60 p/m
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Looking for a different colour?

Looking for a different colour to match your business scheme or your signage background?
If your ideal colour is not listed, please proceed with your enquiry and our team will help ensure you get the right van with the right colour.

Body Glass

Acoustic thermal heated tinted windscreen+ £0.00 p/m
Electric windows+ £0.00 p/m
Heated windscreen+ £5.21 p/m


AEBS + City brake+ £0.00 p/m
ESP+ £0.00 p/m
Without traction++ £0.00 p/m
ESP + Crosswind+ £3.85 p/m
Traction+ system with hill descent control+ £4.08 p/m
Electric parking brake+ £9.06 p/m
Electric parking brake with storage+ £10.87 p/m


Semi elliptic rear springs+ £0.00 p/m
Standard suspension+ £0.00 p/m
Uprated Gross vehicle weight+ £0.00 p/m
GVW standard with front suspension reinforced+ £3.85 p/m
Driver axle air suspension+ £64.75 p/m
Adaptive rear air suspension+ £94.87 p/m


Without connectivity box+ £0.00 p/m
Without voice assistant+ £0.00 p/m
Voice assistant (Alexa)+ £3.62 p/m
Connectivity box+ £11.55 p/m

Driver Aids

Delete cruise control+ £0.00 p/m
Delete reverse camera+ £0.00 p/m
Delete reverse warning buzzer+ £0.00 p/m
LDWS (Lane departure warning system) + Proactive lane keeping assist+ £0.00 p/m
Reverse camera provision+ £0.91 p/m
Reverse warning buzzer+ £2.04 p/m
Cruise control+ £5.43 p/m
Reverse camera with dynamic lines+ £5.66 p/m
Adaptive cruise control + queue assist+ £21.28 p/m

Driver Convenience

Without parking sensors+ £0.00 p/m
Without toll provision+ £0.00 p/m
High protection immobiliser+ £1.13 p/m
Provision toll collect+ £5.09 p/m
Back sensors+ £8.38 p/m

Driver Information

Colour TFT cluster (mph)+ £0.00 p/m
Delete FMS data interface+ £0.00 p/m
Delete TPMS (Tyre pressure monitoring system)+ £0.00 p/m
Delete trailer plug+ £0.00 p/m
Digital tachograph+ £0.00 p/m
Matrix cluster (Km/h)+ £0.00 p/m
Without remote cranking+ £0.00 p/m
Body builder plug additional button on dashboard+ £1.36 p/m
FMS data interface+ £1.58 p/m
13 Pin DIN electrical socket+ £2.94 p/m
Colour TFT cluster (Km/h)+ £4.42 p/m
TPMS (Tyre pressure monitoring system)+ £7.02 p/m
Expansion module+ £8.38 p/m
Programmed expansion module+ £11.43 p/m

Driving Mirrors

Manual door mirrors+ £0.00 p/m
Rear view mirrors 2350mm+ £0.00 p/m
Width admitted 2000+ £0.00 p/m
Rear view mirrors passenger side 2200mm+ £0.45 p/m
Rear view mirrors category IV 2200mm+ £1.13 p/m
Electrically heated and adjustable door mirrors+ £4.08 p/m
Rear view mirrors 2550mm+ £6.11 p/m


110Ah battery+ £0.00 p/m
Alternator - 220A+ £0.00 p/m
Battery smart charging+ £0.00 p/m
Body builder connector+ £0.00 p/m
Delete charge connect+ £0.00 p/m
Delete specific reinforcement+ £0.00 p/m
105AH battery+ £0.91 p/m
Subarctic heat body builder+ £2.49 p/m
Alternator - 12 V/250A+ £4.75 p/m

Embellishment Trims

Black Dashboard+ £0.00 p/m
Two tone dashboard+ £4.08 p/m


20L under cab urea tank+ £0.00 p/m
Delete radiator+ £0.00 p/m
Diesel particulate filter+ £0.00 p/m
Fuel filler pipe roof C+ £0.00 p/m
Fuel filter heater+ £0.00 p/m
Shaped 100 litre fuel tank+ £0.00 p/m
Speed limiter 90km/hr+ £0.00 p/m
Without auxilliary fuel tanks+ £0.00 p/m
Without CNG central tanks+ £0.00 p/m
Without CNG rack and roof+ £0.00 p/m
Without econ power+ £0.00 p/m
Speed limiter 100km/hr+ £1.13 p/m
Speed limiter 120km/hr+ £1.13 p/m
Speed limiter 68mph/110km/hr+ £1.13 p/m
120 litre fuel tank+ £2.04 p/m
20L urea tank on chassis side+ £3.40 p/m
Specific fuel character+ £5.21 p/m
Radiator+ £21.28 p/m
CNG increased central tanks+ £22.42 p/m


DAB radio and bluetooth with app+ £0.00 p/m
Steering wheel mounted audio controls+ £0.00 p/m
Iveco infotainment+ £8.15 p/m
Iveco infotainment + navigation+ £17.21 p/m

Exterior Body Features

Black front grille+ £0.00 p/m
Central exhaust pipe+ £0.00 p/m
Delete front and rear mud flaps+ £0.00 p/m
Delete radiator guard+ £0.00 p/m
Fixed bumper+ £0.00 p/m
No electric taillift provisions+ £0.00 p/m
Wheel arch extensions+ £0.00 p/m
Front mud flaps+ £1.13 p/m
Back panel without window+ £1.36 p/m
Right side engine exhaust pipe+ £1.92 p/m
Under run draw bar+ £1.92 p/m
Crankcase sump guard+ £2.72 p/m
Left hand side rear exit exhaust+ £2.94 p/m
Right hand side rear exit exhaust+ £2.94 p/m
Rear elliptical SPG help+ £3.96 p/m
Tipper Preparation+ £5.66 p/m
Vehicle tailift provisions+ £5.66 p/m
Side underun protection+ £9.06 p/m

Exterior Lights

Daytime running lights+ £0.00 p/m
Delete headlight washers+ £0.00 p/m
Manual high beam control+ £0.00 p/m
Manual wipers and headlights+ £0.00 p/m
Standard headlamps+ £0.00 p/m
Without fog lights+ £0.00 p/m
Without side marker+ £0.00 p/m
Front fog lights+ £4.08 p/m
Automatic wipers and headlights+ £4.53 p/m
Automatic high beam control+ £5.21 p/m
Headlamp washers+ £6.79 p/m
Full LED headlights+ £19.47 p/m


Delete additional cab heater+ £0.00 p/m
Delete air conditioning+ £0.00 p/m
Standard temperature climate+ £0.00 p/m
Without air conditioning compressor+ £0.00 p/m
Heated blowby pipe+ £2.49 p/m
Independent heater predisposition+ £6.57 p/m
Additional heater preparation+ £15.40 p/m
Heater preparation+ £15.40 p/m
Additional cab heater+ £19.70 p/m
Manual air conditioning+ £26.49 p/m
Automatic climate control+ £32.38 p/m

Interior Features

Cloth seats with PVC edge+ £0.00 p/m
Delete rear cab trim panel+ £0.00 p/m
Double adjustable steering wheel+ £0.00 p/m
Open storage with USB port+ £0.00 p/m
Soft touch leather steering wheel+ £0.00 p/m
Without over windscreen package tray+ £0.00 p/m
Without toolbox on platform+ £0.00 p/m
PVC trim seats+ £1.13 p/m
Driver and passenger cab handles+ £1.81 p/m
Provision third DIN compartment+ £1.81 p/m
Tablet cradle with USB+ £2.04 p/m
Over Windscreen package tray+ £3.40 p/m
Inductive charging with USB+ £3.85 p/m
Toolbox on platform+ £3.85 p/m
Leather steering wheel+ £4.08 p/m
Double toolbox+ £6.11 p/m

Load Area

Delete provision fire extension+ £0.00 p/m
Without flashlight+ £0.00 p/m
Portable flashlight+ £0.91 p/m


Without service cluster pack - Daily+ £0.00 p/m
Without smokers pack - Daily+ £0.00 p/m
Smokers pack+ £1.13 p/m
Pack service cluster - Daily chassis+ £3.17 p/m
Construction pack with Tyre pressure monitoring system - Daily chassis+ £15.17 p/m
Winter NP pack - Daily+ £18.23 p/m
Delivery Regional pack - Daily Chassis+ £30.34 p/m
Delivery Urban pack - Daily Chassis+ £34.53 p/m
Winter pack - Daily with suspended drivers comfort seat with lumbar support+ £34.53 p/m
Evolution pack - Daily chassis+ £52.75 p/m
Connect pack - Daily chassis+ £93.40 p/m


Delete battery cut out switch+ £0.00 p/m
Delete first aid kit+ £0.00 p/m
Delete warning triangle+ £0.00 p/m
Driver seatbelt reminder+ £0.00 p/m
Drivers airbag and seatbelt pretensioners+ £0.00 p/m
Standard safety belt+ £0.00 p/m
Without emergency switch+ £0.00 p/m
Without runlock function+ £0.00 p/m
First aid kit+ £0.45 p/m
Warning triangle+ £0.45 p/m
Red seatbelts+ £1.13 p/m
Emergency switch+ £1.58 p/m
Automatic battery cut out+ £5.66 p/m
Driver and passenger airbag with seatbelt pretensioners+ £6.11 p/m
Eco switch pro+ £6.57 p/m
Runlock function+ £7.70 p/m
Driver and passenger window airbags+ £15.17 p/m


Withour passenger seat+ £-1.92 p/m
2 seater rear bench+ £0.00 p/m
Delete heated front seats+ £0.00 p/m
Dual passenger seat+ £0.00 p/m
Standard headrests+ £0.00 p/m
Without driver presence CAN+ £0.00 p/m
Without rear bench seats+ £0.00 p/m
Textile headrest+ £2.04 p/m
Adjustable comfort driver seat with lumbar support and armrest+ £2.26 p/m
Urban seat door to door+ £2.72 p/m
Suspended adjustable comfort passenger seat with lumbar support and armrest+ £2.94 p/m
2 bench seats with extractable table+ £3.85 p/m
Heated suspended adjustable comfort passenger seat with lumbar support and armrest+ £7.02 p/m
Suspended adjustable comfort driver seat with lumbar support and armrest+ £7.92 p/m
Heated suspended adjustable comfort driver seat with lumbar support and armrest+ £11.09 p/m


Central locking with remote control+ £0.00 p/m
Without third key+ £0.00 p/m
Central locking door+ £1.58 p/m
3rd key with remote control+ £2.04 p/m
Anti-theft alarm with remote control+ £5.21 p/m
Alarm + extra plug with Body builder remote rear doors+ £6.79 p/m


Delete Rear towing cross member+ £0.00 p/m
Without automatic tow hook+ £0.00 p/m
Without tow hook+ £0.00 p/m
Without winches+ £0.00 p/m
2 diagonal rope winches+ £1.58 p/m
Rear towing cross member+ £3.96 p/m
Auto towing hook+ £4.42 p/m
Sfera towing jaw D-5+ £8.60 p/m


Without cross axle differential lock+ £0.00 p/m
Cross axle diff lock+ £24.68 p/m

Trim - Cloth

Cloth - Black+ £0.00 p/m

Trim - Vinyl

PVC - Black+ £1.13 p/m


Sliding spare wheel carrier+ £0.00 p/m
Without wheel chocks+ £0.00 p/m
Wheel chocks+ £0.91 p/m
Full size wheel trims+ £2.83 p/m

Wheels - Spare

Spare wheel+ £0.00 p/m
Tyre repair kit+ £0.57 p/m
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Add extra fun and features to your van!

You can make your van extra special by choosing to add additional extras to it. Once you make your enquiry, a member of the team will go through the extras with you and make sure you get the exact van you want.

Body Glass

Cab rear window
Electric windows


ABS and roll over mitigation
ABS, ESP and roll over mitigation
AEBS + City brake
Central parking brake
Hill holder system


Full steel bulkhead


Load variant 2700kg to 5350kg
Pneumatic suspension
Weight variant 2500kg to 5350kg

Driver Aids

Electric power steering with city function button for adjustable steering effort
LDWS (Lane departure warning system) + Proactive lane keeping assist

Driver Convenience

Accoustic comfort kit
Data set standard

Driver Information

12V - 13 pin provision
City mode button
Colour TFT instrument cluster
Trip computer
Without E-call

Driving Mirrors

Split/wide angle rear view mirror


Alternator - 220A
Body builder connector
Charged battery

Embellishment Trims

Two tone dashboard


20L under cab urea tank
Delete Start/Stop
Diesel particulate filter
Speed limiter 90km/hr
Standard oil sump


Aux input socket
Steering wheel mounted audio controls

Exterior Body Features

3 Piece bumper
Chrome front grille
Delete body
Non slip rear step
Radiator in aluminium
Standard chassis
Trailer sway control
Wheel arch extensions

Exterior Lights

Delete rear marker lights

Interior Features

Double adjustable steering wheel
Driver and passenger cab handles
Ergonomic storage with upto 18 storage compartments


Language standard pack - Daily


PTO Provision
Side PTO - without gearbox


3 point seat belts
Drivers airbag and seatbelt pretensioners


2 seater rear bench
Driver seat with 3 degrees of freedom
Dual passenger seat
Rake, height and reach adjustable drivers seat


Central locking with remote control


Predisposition towing
Without tow hook


8 speed automatic gearbox


16" steel wheels
225/75 R16 tyres (LI INCRE)
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Can't find the exact feature you were looking for?

Sometimes going through all the equipment list can be challenging. Don't worry though! Simply make an enquiry with this van and one of our van experts will be in touch to chat through the finer details, ensuring you get the exact van you want.

Emissions - ICE

Noise Level dB(A)N
Standard Euro EmissionsEURO 6

Engine and Drive Train

Automatic TransmissionYes
Catalytic ConvertorYes
Compression Ratio17.5:1
Cooling SystemWATER
Cylinder LayoutIN-LINE
Engine LayoutNORTH SOUTH
Engine MakeN
Fuel DeliveryCOMMON RAIL
Gears8 SPEED
Manual TransmissionNo
Number of Valves16
Valve gearDOHC

Fuel Consumption - ICE

EC CombinedN
EC Extra UrbanN
EC UrbanN


Alternator Amps150
Badge Engine CC3.0
Badge Power180
Based On IDN
Battery AH110
Battery Volts12
Chassis Engine NumberN
Coin DescriptionN
Coin Gross Vehicle Weight CodeN
Coin Power Output CodeN
Coin SeriesN
Coin Wheelbase Description CodeN
Coin Wheelbase Name CodeN
Did at least one aspect of this vehicles safety give cause for concern?No
Front SuspensionLEAF SPRINGS
Generation Mark3
Ghost model for valuation purposesNo
Insurance Group 1N
Insurance Group 2N
Manufacturers Corrosion Perforation Guarantee - Years1
Manufacturers Paintwork Guarantee - Years1
NCAP Adult Occupant Protection %N
NCAP Child Occupant Protection %N
NCAP Front/Side Impact - Discontinued February 09N
NCAP Overall Rating - Effective February 09N
NCAP Overall Rating - LCVN
NCAP Pedestrian - Discontinued February 09N
NCAP Pedestrian Protection %N
NCAP Safety Assist %N
Rear SuspensionLEAF SPRINGS
Running Cost League HeadingsN
Service Interval Frequency - Months24
Service Interval Mileage30000
Special EditionNo
Special OrderNo
Standard manufacturers warranty - Mileage999999
Standard manufacturers warranty - Years2
This vehicle is classed as a car for VED purposesNo
Timing Belt Interval Frequency - Months60
Timing Belt Interval Mileage150000
Vehicle Homologation ClassN2
Vin/Frame No.N


0 to 60N
0 to 62N
Engine Power KW132
Engine Power RPM3500
Engine Torque LBS.FT317
Engine Torque MKG43.8
Engine Torque NM430
Engine Torque RPM1600
Top Speed80


Automatic ClutchYes
Plated 3rd AxleN
Plated 4th AxleN
Space Saver?Yes
Tyre MakeN
Tyre Size Front225/75 R16
Tyre Size Rear225/75 R16
Tyre Size SpareSPACE SAVER
Wheel StyleN
Wheel Type16" STEEL

Vehicle Dimensions

Height (including roof rails)N
Load Deck HeightN
Load HeightN
Load LengthN
Load Space Width Between Wheel ArchesN
Load WidthN
Lower Rear Door WidthN
Rear Door HeightN
Rear OverhangN
Side Load Door HeightN
Side Load Door WidthN
Turning Circle - Kerb to Kerb13.1
Upper Rear Door WidthN
Width (excluding mirrors)2010
Width (including mirrors)N

Weight and Capacities

Boot Capacity SaloonsN
Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres)100
Gross Vehicle Weight6500
Load Space VolumeN
Luggage Capacity (Seats Down)N
Luggage Capacity (Seats Up)N
Luggage Capacity - 2nd Row Seats RemovedN
Luggage Capacity - 2nd Row Seats UpN
Luggage Capacity - 3rd Row Seats DownN
Luggage Capacity - 3rd Row Seats RemovedN
Luggage Capacity - 3rd Row Seats UpN
Max. Roof LoadN
Max. Towing Weight - Braked3500
Max. Towing Weight - Unbraked750
Minimum Kerbweight2651
No. of Seats6
Pensive character

Confused by which van is which?

Important: Vehicle information to be used for guidance only and is subject to change.

These technical specifications can be quite challenging, don't worry though! Simply make an enquiry with this van and one of our van experts will be in touch to chat through your van choice, ensuring you get the exact van you want.

Maintenance is a great way to pay monthly for your van's servicing (which you need to do), along with some great bonus features to make your life easier.

If you choose not to include maintenance, you as the driver will be responsible for the regular servicing of your van.

By choosing maintenance, you get to spread the costs of this service over the year and you get the following fantastic extra benefits:

Key Maintenance Benefits

  • Your vehicle collected from and returned to you
  • Premium branded tyres replaced and fitted
  • Repairs on wear and tear items (bulbs, batteries, exhausts, cam belts, wiper blades, alternators & starter motors)
  • Your van returned like new with a wash and vac
  • MOT tests are also covered
  • Courtesy vehicle upon request
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Worry Free Servicing plus more!

Taking away the hassle of running a van. We do everything for you, from picking your van up at your door, fixing its problems and then delivering it home safe and sound without you having to make any effort.

This deal's key features

Wheelbase: 3750 mm
Payload: 3849 kg
  • IVECO DAILY 65C18 DIESEL 3.0 Crew Cab Chassis 3750 WB Hi-Matic view 1
  • IVECO DAILY 65C18 DIESEL 3.0 Crew Cab Chassis 3750 WB Hi-Matic view 2
  • IVECO DAILY 65C18 DIESEL 3.0 Crew Cab Chassis 3750 WB Hi-Matic view 3
  • IVECO DAILY 65C18 DIESEL 3.0 Crew Cab Chassis 3750 WB Hi-Matic view 4
  • IVECO DAILY 65C18 DIESEL 3.0 Crew Cab Chassis 3750 WB Hi-Matic view 5
  • IVECO DAILY 65C18 DIESEL 3.0 Crew Cab Chassis 3750 WB Hi-Matic view 7
  • IVECO DAILY 65C18 DIESEL 3.0 Crew Cab Chassis 3750 WB Hi-Matic view 8

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