Van Leasing and Contract Hire

Our Best Contract Hire Deals

Citroen Berlingo

1.6 HDi 850Kg Enterprise 90ps

Prices from:
£134.99 Initial payment: £809.94

Peugeot Partner

850 1.6 HDi 92 Professional Van

Prices from:
£139.99 Initial payment: £839.94

Nissan NV200

1.5 dCi Tekna Van

Prices from:
£169.99 Initial payment: £1019.95

Volkswagen Caddy

1.6 TDI 75PS Van

Prices from:
£179.99 Initial payment: £695.95

Ford Transit Connect

Van Limited TDCi 115ps

Prices from:
£169.95 Initial payment: £1097.94

Peugeot Expert

1000 1.6 HDi 90 H1 Professional Van

Prices from:
£189.99 Initial payment: £1139.94

Volkswagen Transporter

2.0 TDI 102PS Startline Van

Prices from:
£179.95 Initial payment: £1139.94

Ford Transit

H2 Van TDCi 125ps

Prices from:
£199.99 Initial payment: £1199.94

Vauxhall Vivaro

1.6CDTI [115PS] Sportive Van 2.7t Euro 5

Prices from:
£199.99 Initial payment: £1199.94

Citroen Relay

2.2 HDi H2 Van 130ps Enterprise

Prices from:
£209.99 Initial payment: £1259.94

Mitsubishi L200

D/Cab DI-D Warrior II 4WD 176Bhp [2010]

Prices from:
£199.99 Initial payment: £1259.94

Mercedes-Benz Vito

113CDI Van

Prices from:
£239.95 Initial payment: £1439.70

Ford Transit Custom

Low Roof Van Limited TDCi 125ps

Prices from:
£189.99 Initial payment: £1139.19

Volkswagen Crafter

2.0 TDI 109PS High Roof Van

Prices from:
£299.99 Initial payment: £899.97

Welcome to the official LeaseVan website! is website for one of the UK’s biggest van leasing companies, we are immensely proud of both the quantity and quality of our range of vans and trucks!

LeaseVan is the home of extremely affordable and flexible van leasing deals, we offer a comprehensive range of vans and trucks which are very attractive and affordable, whatever your budget may be. Our high end vehicle selection is on offer to suit your specific business or individual needs, and we look forward to offering you an affordable contract hire price today.

We will always strive to find the right vehicle for you at the right price! We offer a wide range of affordable funding services, which include:

All of our vans and trucks come directly from the manufacturer, so if you are looking for a Volkswagen, Nissan or Ford Transit van, there is no question that we can always offer you an exceptionally high quality and performance.

The LeaseVan team will always guide each customer through the decision making process. From our initial communications and throughout the leasing contract, we will listen closely to your needs to find a vehicle which meets your specific requirements. Our customer service team will always be on hand to offer you any assistance and advice you need to give you the best leasing experience.

Our vans and trucks come in a wide variety of colour schemes and our high end vehicles are also offered with additional extras. Our website is very easy to find your way around, you can search directly for a specific vehicle in the search bar at the top right hand side or select a brand and model from the comprehensive list on the left hand side. Make sure to have a scroll through our vehicle listing or give us a call on 0845 259 1914 for a chat about what we can offer you.

Our vehicles are available to lease from two to five years, we can offer you the vehicle to suit your travel needs, it could be for long distance journeys or day to day city commuting, either way we have the deals on offer to help your money go a little bit further.

Unlike purchasing a van or truck, our sensible leasing options don't require a large deposit, helping you save your money for other things!

We offer free delivery within the mainland for all of our vehicles, key benefits of van and car leasing include:

If you have managed to find a vehicle that you want at a lower price with another company, we will try to match or beat their price. By calling up the LeaseVan team there is a big possibility that one of our team will be able to find a better deal from within our range.

Why not find out right away? Give us a call to find out much more detail about our amazing lease deals and contracts.

Business Contract Hire

Contract hire is the most common form of leasing agreement in the UK, they are often referred to as an operating lease, with contract hire you can benefit from:

There are many advantages to choosing a contract hire, including:

It is important that you understand some of the disadvantages that come with contract hire which include:

Contract Hire is the United Kingdom’s favourite form of car leasing, many people opt for Contract Hire due to the fact that you can choose the vehicle you like whilst keeping your initial payments low.

It is thanks to this low initial rental payment that you can get the car you want at a much quicker rate, LeaseVan will provide you with the earliest possible delivery dates whilst always keeping you in the know and up to date with the progress of your order.

Once your contract comes to an end you don’t have to worry about the depreciation in value of your vehicle, you can very simply return it to us and take out a brand new contract and get a superb new van or truck.

It is a fact that one of the biggest costs in motoring is the depreciation in value of your vehicle, with contract hire you do not have to worry about this issue - contract hire is available for both individual and business needs so anyone can benefit from it. Contract Hire options are extremely easy to manage and work out cheaper over a longer period of time.

You will find it hard to find a more flexible van or truck leasing choice than Contract Hire, many people see it as a very attractive budgeting option. At LeaseVan, you will be able  to find the ideal payment plan to suit your needs and you are able to adjust your monthly payments if you lengthen your contract or if you make a larger initial rental payment. As a rule, the total amount that you pay over the full course of your contract will be the same, but it is upto you how you split up the payments.

You can select the annual mileage limit when you enter your contract agreement with LeaseVan, our team will ask you how many miles you think you will manage within a 12 month period so we can create your specific quotation for you, this will set your limit. Excess mileage will be charged at a set amount.

Normally you can choose your milage between 10,000 to 40,000 miles per annum, which allows the finance company to calculate your monthly rental amount. If you think you have underestimated your milage, you will be able to adjust your contract accordingly. This means you will pay a slightly higher fee each month or you will pay excess mileage once your existing contract has ended. The cost will only ever be a few pence per mile driven.

If you are wanting to place all of your motoring costs in a single, easy to manage payment, LeaseVan will help you with the inclusion of a maintenance contract in with your finance agreement. You will be able to pay a monthly charge for the maintenance of your van or truck.

This usually includes the following:

There are a number of similarities between business contract hire and personal contract hire, the main difference is that the former is a great option for companies. When taking a contract hire agreement out via your business, you will be able to enjoy many benefits, such as:

Reclaim 50% of the VAT payable on the finance element of your payment Reclaim 100% of the VAT on your maintenance element

If your company is after a fleet of vehicles you will find that business contract hire is ideal, discounts can also be applied for customers who are leasing a fleet. Our dedicated sales team are more than happy to discuss any leasing options with you in greater detail.

Personal Contract Hire What is Personal Contract Hire?

You can benefit from the following with Contract Hire:

Some of the advantages of choosing Personal Contract Hire include:

There are also some disadvantages to choosing Personal Contract Hire, including:

Customers who choose Personal Contract Hire will have the ability to pay an agreed monthly charge as a part of a fixed term contract that allows them to use a vehicle for a period which has been agreed previously. This allows for the customer to remove any financial risks which are associated with disposing of a vehicle. LeaseVan allows contracts to be taken over a two, three or four year period, this provides our customers with a good level of flexibility.

At LeaseVan, we also allow for some of our contracts to be extended past the date of the agreed contract - if you are interested in this please ask one of our helpful members of staff, who will explain this option in much more detail.

Both personal contract hire and business contract hire are very similar as they are based on a fixed annual mileage which is agreed at the start of the contract. When this is decided you must then choose how many miles you drive per year for any quotations to be provided.

The regulations for mileage amendments following live contracts do vary, so it is important that you are as accurate as you possibly can be. If you exceed your agreed mileage allowance by the end of your contract you will have to pay an excess mileage charge which was agreed prior to the signing of the financing agreement.

If you are wanting to make sure that your motoring costs are always predictable than you may want to consider adding maintenance to your monthly payments, with maintenance you can rest easy that any challenge that may occur can be dealt with without any extra cost.

You can stay covered for the following:

Whoever is named on the contract agreement will be responsible for arranging fully comprehensive insurance for the van or truck that is chosen, and once your contract is finished you can simply return it to LeaseVan with no strings attached.

It is important that the vehicle is returned to us in accordance with the guidelines set out in the Fair Wear and Tear Guide - a copy is always made available to customers when they are nearing the end of their contract hire agreement.

Who benefits from Personal Contract Hire?

If you are interested in having a brand new van or truck every few years which includes the elimination of financial risk, Personal Contract Hire could then be the ideal solution for you.

Contract Purchase and Personal Contract Purchase

Customers who want to purchase a new van and pay for it in a very manageable way should definitely look into contract purchase options. Payments are made in monthly installments which are VAT exempt (There is also an optional service package, however, on which VAT has to paid if you decide to opt for it).

Advantages of Contact Purchase More information on Contract Purchase

Contract Purchase gives you much more choice when you reach the end of your finance agreements, it is a very flexible option. Car leasing is a fantastic way for people to drive cars that they would not otherwise be able to, this is due to its fantastic value and cost-effectiveness. When the contract is terminated you will be able to choose whether you want to make the balloon payment or refinance it, or even hand the vehicle back to us and end the agreement altogether.

Contract customers make an initial payment before monthly fixed payments begin, at the end of the contract there is the option for a balloon payment, which is also known as the ‘Generated Future Value’ or GFK.

Due to the low cost of the initial payment, customers have access to a great range of vans and trucks that would previously have been too expensive for them.

There are four options which are available at the end of the contract period:

Acquiring the best monthly payment

If Contract Purchase appeals to you, but the monthly payment price is much higher than you want, then there are a number of different ways you can go about lowering the price of your payments:

Finance Leasing What is Finance Leasing?

Those who should consider finance leasing their vehicles include sole traders, partnerships, companies and also VAT-registered businesses. With this agreement, the finance company owns the vehicle and they keep it once the contract has ended.

Advantages of Finance Leasing Disadvantages of Finance Leasing More information on Finance Leasing

Much like the other leasing contracts, there is usually a low initial payment followed by fixed monthly payments. Monthly payments are calculated by taking the cost of the vehicle into account, as well its end value, the size of the balloon payment and the length of the whole contract. Finance leasing still involves the inclusion of fixed mileage restrictions.

Throughout your leasing period you will be able to have full use of the vehicle, when the contract ends, the vehicle will then be sold to a third party and if it is sold above the predetermined balloon payment the finance company then refunds some of the proceeds to the leasing company. If you want to take out a second rental on the same car you will also be allowed to do so.

Who benefits from Finance Leasing?

Businesses who want a quick vehicle solution without the need to make large initial payments will benefit from finance leasing, this is because cash flows are not disrupted.

There are some great tax benefits to finance leasing which makes it a great option for businesses.

Advantages of Lease Purchase: What is Lease Purchase?

Lease Purchase suits non-VAT registered customers who want to own the vehicle at the end of the contract but do not have the finances to do so straight away. For tax reasons, lease purchase agreements are treated like they are a purchase, the 25% writing-down allowance can then be claimed by the customer.

Customers are able to put down a larger initial payment which then subsequently reduces the following monthly payments. The monthly cost is calculated by working out the difference between the retail value and depreciation value. Lease Purchasing a van which holds its value will work in the customer’s favour.

Companies who are adept at managing fleets will benefit from Lease Purchasing, doing the right research and being organised can mean a great Lease Purchase deal is put into place, providing any balloon payments.

Hire Purchase

With a Hire Purchase agreement, customers have more options at the end of the contract period, Hire Purchase agreements are drawn out over a long period and the longer the contract the lower the repayments. There will be higher interest rates and ATR rates are normally fixed throughout the contract. Hire Purchase contracts usually last between two and three years.

Advantages of Hire Purchase Disadvantages of Hire Purchase How does Hire Purchase work?

The customer picks the car they want to finance and then a finance application is submitted, if the finance company agrees to the application then they may pay the dealership for the vehicle on your behalf. You then become the keeper of the car, whilst the finance company is the registered legal owner. Once the payments have been made you then own the car.

Who does Hire Purchase suit?

It is ideal for anyone who wants a new car but wants to manage payments in an affordable way, it allows customers to have access to vehicles which may be out of their price range.

Hire purchase also suits those in business as the interest is generally lower than the interest on a bank loan would be, and once the vehicle is owned by you it becomes a company asset.

If any of the offers above seem suitable for you or your business, please call us now on 0845 259 1914 to speak to a member of the LeaseVan staff, or alternatively contact us on twitter (@Leasevan) for any other enquiries.

We also have a wide range of guides and resources at LeaseVan to help you in making your decision concerning van leasing. Take a look at the following:

Car Leasing Network, a Lease Plan Brand BVRLA Quality Assured

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